Timber Decking Singapore

Timber decking is widely used in Singapore for the numerous benefits it affords homeowners. For one, it can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Second, it is as elegant as timber can get given its reasonable cost. You might often spot timber decking in balcony spaces, garden landscapes, ramps, swimming pools and footpaths.

Benefits of Timber Decking

Great for indoor and outdoor use.

Timber decking is versatile enough in that it can be used for interiors or balconies. Comfortable to use and resilient, timber does not react negatively to sunlight which is why you can walk on it barefoot without scorching your feet.

Easy to maintain.

Despite their elegant appeal, timber decking is incredibly easy to maintain. They are durable, and have natural resistance to intense sunlight, rain or termites.

Aesthetically elegant and adds value to your property.

Timber decking is affordable, but you wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at it. As elegant as wood can get, timber decking gives your space a certain panache. It is also a worthwhile investment for your property due to its aesthetic attributes and robustness.

Choose Between Two Types of Timber Outdoor Decking

Composite Wood

They are also known as Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), is a mixture of ground wood particles and heated thermoplastic. Composite wood is able to resist UV rays, are water-proof and insect-proof. Composite wood is also able to withstand heavier furniture and is thus more suitable for commercial use. They are environmentally friendly in that they use recycled wood chips and plastic that would have been waste otherwise. Compared to natural wood, composite wood requires less maintenance and is more scratch and stain resistant. It doesn’t rot and due to how it is treated, it is splinter-free.

Natural Wood

Such natural selections include Chengal, Balau, Merbau, Burmese teak. If you want a natural wood effect, then natural wood timbre decking would be just the right selection for you. Like composite wood, they are weather-resistant and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Compared to composite wood, they are cooler to walk on despite the hot, humid weather though and have more variety of wood grains and finishes.

Our Preferred Timber Decking Brands


Wood Couture

Wood Couture is a Singapore brand with over 50 years experience. The company offers two main variants of timber decking: Natural and Evergreen. You get to choose from an extensive range of stains, finishes and colours.


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