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Visa Month Special: 7% Discount with no min spend.

Curtains Singapore

Curtains, more often than not, make or break the functionality and aesthetics of your living space. The underrated and underappreciated curtains are perceived as a fixture in most households, but they’re not really given much thought – though they should be.

Curtains either enhance or tone down your furniture and overall décor. There are so many options to choose from that finding the perfect curtains for your home should not be a problem, especially when you have curtain specialists guiding you through the whole curtain selection process.

Shop with more than 9000 sq ft of different curtains displays in Singapore

Shop with more than
9000 sq ft of different curtains displays in Singapore

At our fashion gallery, we have curated the largest collection of curtain designs in Singapore. Whether you are looking at Japanese living inspired curtains to complement your minimalist home or renowned designer curtain to elevate your posh home look, you can rest assured that you will be spoilt for choice here.

You will also be pleased to find out that all curtains purchased will be treated with our proprietary curtain shaping treatment. This signature treatment will make a huge difference in maintaining your curtains’ look, allowing them to last much longer.

The Importance of choosing the right curtain for your home.

Curtains improve the décor of the house

Whether your interior design is Scandinavian, traditional, contemporary, shabby chic or Bohemian, curtains have the ability to augment your chosen look and take it to new heights. Curtains accent the overall mood you wish to evoke with your chosen design theme. In Singapore, homeowners go for high-quality materials, decorative charm, and ease of maintenance.

Curtains provides Privacy and Security

The most practical function of curtains is to serve as covering. In Singapore, where privacy is a primordial concern, curtains are sensibly used in every window. Curtains keep you safe from the glances and curious looks of people walking by. For most people, curtains give them a sense of security, exclusivity, and ownership of space.

Curtains provides

Curtains protect the dwellers from harmful UVA/ UVB light and mitigate extreme heat from entering your upsetting the temperature balance in your home. They also protect your precious furniture and furnishing, especially those that react to extreme heat and light.

Explore the most prestigious and
Bespoke Designer Curtains Collection

Explore the most prestigious and Bespoke Designer Curtains Collection

If you are looking for a slightly different kind of curtains, one that is not the usual, do check out our latest Designer Collection Series featuring bespoke fabrics designed by Kate Spade, Jean Paul Gaultier and more.

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Here at mc.2, we have brought together Singapore’s largest collection of curtains and blinds. Don’t underestimate this simple choice, curtains can truly make or break your home interior design. 

If you need assistance, our curtains designers are all trained with the necessary skills and technical knowledge to help you make the right curtain choice, elevating your home look.

On top of that, we also carry balcony zip blinds, smart sunshade solution, designers wall paper and more!  So come, shop all your needs here with us today. 

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