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The Story

Born to lead in style

MC2 is the Singapore pioneer in fashionable Smart-Blinds that transform any indoor or outdoor area into a great-looking space.

On top of unbeatable style, our Smart-Blinds also provide an intelligent way to regulate the amount of natural light and heat that you let in.

This saves you energy that would have otherwise gone into unnecessary lighting and air-conditioning.

Born to be 2x smarter

When we started MC2, we made a promise to ourselves that we will try to do everything twice as smart.

If we can’t be 2X smarter, we will just be another run-of-the-mill company which means there will be no real reason for our existence.

We chose the name MC2 to remind us of that promise every day.

It was inspired by Albert Einstein’s famous mass-energy equivalence formula of E = MC2.

Born to fight complacency

We recognize that complacency is the biggest enemy we face because complacency has a habit of making successful brands forget what made them successful in the first place.

We fight this enemy to keep ourselves focused on Innovation and Marketing – the only two things that matter to a business according to Peter Drucker, the father of modern management science.

Born to make tomorrow a better earth

This is the vision that we have been chasing since day one.

We believe that we are merely taking care of this Earth for the next generation.

That is why everything we do revolves around The Triple Bottomline of People, Planet and then, Profit.

When you work with MC2, you are helping in your own way to make tomorrow a better Earth.

Talk to us today to see how we can exceed your expectations for all your Smart-Blinds needs.