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All home owners will receive $300 climate vouchers to use for selected blinds at mc.2.

All home owners will receive $300 climate
vouchers to use for selected blinds at mc.2.

All home owners will receive $300 climate
vouchers to use for selected blinds at mc.2.

Singapore Wallpaper

Wallpaper is the new trendy choice among Singapore homeowners today. It makes a room beautiful and enhances the space, without any prior commitment. Thus, wallpapers are becoming part of homeowners interior design. mc.2 collaboration with more than 170 years brand, Sangetsu, has ushered in a whole new breed of wallpaper which is the eco-friendly wallpaper – eco reflect light-diffusing wallpaper, which helps to make rooms brighter by reflecting light. It provides energy-saving benefits by reducing energy consumption during the daytime. It is also suitable for use with a wide range of lighting fixtures, including fluorescent lighting etc.

Why Choose Sangetsu?


Designer Wallpaper Range

Sangetsu collaborates with outside partners such as Automobili Lamborghini, Armani/Casa, and Missoni Home etc. These collaborations allow for a complement of expertise and style, bringing you even more exquisite, unique, and premium wallpaper.


Largest Choice of wallcoverings

Can’t find the wallpaper you like? With our broad selection of wallpaper styles, you can pick the superior wallpaper of your choice. We have minimalist coverings for the Zen, and patterns that make you feel like you are in Japan. Choose a handpicked wallpaper to meet your specific home design needs, and even enjoy made-to-order wallpapers available made from sistal and paper weave, providing a style for every personality.


Anti-bacterial and eco-friendly

Our wallpaper is antibacterial, ensuring a clean and fresh home. Being eco-friendly, our wallpaper helps reduce your carbon footprints and aids you on your quest for a sustainable lifestyle. Enjoy peace of mind with pure wallpaper that loves the earth.


Quick, and fuss-free installation by our experts

Sangetsu offers our personal services that will satisfy your most exacting requirements, allowing you to rest and relax, enjoying your wallpaper to the full. With smooth,timely, effortless set up and coordination, we ensure that your home is beautiful while your event runs smoothly.

Our Japanese Wallpaper Brand Story


Sangetsu Corp is the market leader in Japan for wallcoverings. Sangetsu’s wallcoverings are exquisitely crafted, with the utmost Japanese quality. Sangetsu also has artistic collaborations with Automobili Lamborghini, Armani/Casa, to name a few.

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mc.2 Japanese Wallpaper Inspirations

The Wallpaper Professional for your home

Known as the premier provider for window solutions, mc.2 goes beyond that to also furnish exceptional wallcovering. We provide wallpapers for every discerning taste, differing from undemanding patterns to more elaborate patterns such as wood, stone, and floral. All our products come guaranteed with Japanese aesthetic and quality. 

Shop our curated selection of curtains and blinds, examine our wood and vinyl floorings, and the latest smart blinds mechanisms, as our wallcoverings make a great pairing with any of them. 

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