Solar Powered Zip Blinds - Renson® Solar

All home owners will receive $300 climate vouchers to use for selected blinds at mc.2.

All home owners will receive $300 climate
vouchers to use for selected blinds at mc.2.

All home owners will receive $300 climate
vouchers to use for selected blinds at mc.2.

Singapore's First-ever
Solar Zip Blinds

Enjoy Smart Zip Blinds that run on Solar Energy,

allowing you to save on your monthly bills.

Introducing the Renson® Solar

Not your Typical Zip Blinds.

The newest blind technology has arrived in Singapore. Whether you’re living in a landed property, condominium or HDB flat, the Renson® Solar Balcony Blinds offers complete customisation to fit your respective needs. Perfect for our hot weather, it effectively blocks out harmful UV rays to keep your home cool. The Smart Home features allow you to control the zip blinds with ease. Simply tap your smartphone or use the voice recognition feature to change the setting.

Features of the Renson® Solar

Powered by the Sun

Charged by the sun, solar cell battery does not use electricity from your home.

No Trunking

No more long wires visible to everyone because we don’t run by electricity.


Reduces air conditioner usage by blocking out heat at the hottest times of the day. Control using the timer function, to allow you to save on bills.

Stylish & Versatile

Wide range of fabrics as well as metal fixtures at your disposal.

Complete Size Customisation

Covering up to 10.8sqm, it is adjustable to every balcony size and shape.

Crafted in Belgium, expect innovation from the worldwide pioneers of everything related to outdoor living concepts. Enjoy the usual benefits of quality zip blinds coupled with smart home functions.

These balcony blinds are powered by the sun, meaning it won’t take up a single cent from your monthly bill. With a constant drive to meet your needs, Renson® is always looking out for the next big thing while finding ways to reduce carbon emissions.


Your Zip Blinds Choice Matters

The temperature has been steadily rising due to global warming, resulting in climate change. To reduce its catastrophic effects, we have the solution.

Here at Renson, we believe in using green energy to reduce the rising carbon emissions, which is the main culprit of global warming. Our Renson solar panels use an innovative green technology that harvests energy directly from the sun. This allows you to use your zip blinds without consuming any electricity. Keeping your home cool in our hot climate has never been easier!

Do your part for the environment by choosing Renson, today!

Brands we worked with to bring you the First Solar Zip Blinds in Singapore



Renson® offers truly wind-tight outdoors roller blinds, ensures a comfortable interior climate, reduced glares, and uses “Smooth technology” for uncomplicated blinds operation. Renson® is a Belgium company with over 109 years of experience in this industry.

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As the official distributor of Renson® products in Singapore, we believe in providing solutions to all your needs. With a team as passionate as ours, rest assured that you are in good hands.

Recommending suitable solutions for every individual is what we specialise in. We know that the Renson® Solar will be your best friend at home. Visit us today, to see the difference. Besides Renson Solar, mc.2 also carries a whole range of Zip Blinds, Smart Awnings, curtains and blinds, available at the snap of your fingers!


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