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Chief Inspiration Officer

Wilson believes that the key to success is to treat nothing as impossible. In fact, he likes to tell people that the word impossible actually means “I’m Possible”.

As Chief Inspiration Officer of MC2, he works very hard to find new ideas to make the company smarter, faster and better than the competition in the Smart-Blinds market.

Wilson also believes that anything worth doing is worth right and worth doing big and that is the mentality that has brought MC2 to the height that it is at today.

One of the things that Wilson believes is worth doing more than any other is “To Make Tomorrow A Better Earth” because we only have this one Planet to live on.

He continues to inspire his team to keep up the relentless drive to transform MC2 into a stronger force for good.


Chief Infrastructure Office

Damien believes that the key to success is relentless innovation to find new ways to do things better, faster and smarter.

According to Damien, innovation doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. One of the examples that he likes to use is the case of the Space Pen. Astronauts needed a pen that could write in space and that was impossible as there is no gravity in space so the ink won’t flow.

The solution? You could spend millions to develop something like the Fischer Space Pen that can write in space. That works. Or you can simply use a 2B Pencil which is cheap, readily available and works as well.

As Chief Infrastructure Officer, he works very hard to ensure that MC2’s engineering and manufacturing facilities are ahead of the curve in all the critical aspects of innovation, quality and productivity.


Chief Installation Officer

Justin believes that the key to success is captured in one simple but profound phrase – “Preparation, Preparation, Preparation”.

If you don’t prepare yourself with the right kind of knowledge, then you cannot take full advantage of the opportunities that present themselves and at the same time, you cannot solve the problems that will surely come your way.

As Chief Installation Officer of MC2, he makes sure that his team is fully-prepared to execute the projects that the company takes on. He often tells people, “When you measure things, always measure three times because when you cut, you only get to cut once.”

Justin also believes that you should get today’s work done by today because by tomorrow, you will probably have a ton of new work to do.


Chief Initiatives Officer

Allan believes that the key to success is to plan your work carefully and then work on your plan diligently. He often tells people if they fail to plan, then they are planning to fail.

This is the philosophy that he applies to anything that he does and it has served him and the company well.

As MC2’s Chief Initiatives Officer, Allan’s Job #1 is to develop and implement initiatives that contribute to meeting customers’ needs so that the business can scale up.

Allan also believes that with the intense level of competition in the business world, you have to run twice as fast today just to remain where you were yesterday.

That’s why Allan encourages his colleagues to work hard on top of working smart as that is the only way that they can stay two steps ahead of the competition.


Chief Interaction Officer

Jei believes that the key to success is to walk a mile or two in the other person’s shoes so that you can understand their pain points and create even better solutions.

As Chief Interaction Officer of MC2, he works very hard to understand customers’ needs by listening carefully to what they say and watching their body language closely.

Jei also believes it is important to manage your time properly as the number of hours in a day does not increase but the amount of work does not stop growing.

Jei often tells people that the bad news is time flies but the good news is you are the pilot.

His dream is to help shape MC2 into the default choice for Smart-Blinds in every market it operates in by giving customers the best possible UX (User Experience).