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Vinyl flooring is an increasingly popular flooring choice among Singapore homeowners. One of the most durable flooring types, vinyl is manufactured using polyvinyl chloride, which is commonly known as PVC. PVC is known to be a versatile and durable material used in many of our household products, including furniture covers, cable insulation, bags and even clothing. The toughness and adaptability of PVC translate to vinyl flooring, making vinyl flooring incredibly resistant to damages, abrasions, dents and scratches. In addition, vinyl can easily be installed on floors without the need for hacking.

Types of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is not only used for residential spaces. Its hard-wearing properties make it one of the most popular floorings for commercial offices. Flexible, easy on the eyes and uncomplicated to maintain, vinyl flooring also has a quite a few variants. Here are three of the most popular vinyl flooring available in Singapore.

Main Features of Vinyl Flooring

Low maintenance and easy care.

In Singapore, people look for low maintenance materials. Due to the hectic urban schedules, you should choose flooring that is easy to maintain. Vinyl flooring merely requires sweeping and mopping once a week.

Extremely durable and long lasting.

Vinyl flooring is resilient to scratches and stains, and thus last for a really long time -- thanks to its resilient and durable composition.

Safe for children and the elderly.

Vinyl flooring is slip resistant. Due to its chemical composition, they reduce the impact of falls compared to solid surfaces. Good quality vinyl flooring is also free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that emit harmful fumes that could be deadly for people with respiratory issues.

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Wood Couture

Wood Couture is a Singapore-based company that offers two main variants of vinyl flooring: executive and premium, each with their choice of colours, patterns and finishes..


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