Invisible Grille Singapore - The best safety feature for your loved one.

Invisible Grille Singapore

Invisible grilles, also known as stainless steel cables, are often used in high-rise HDBs, condos or even offices here in Singapore. The invisible grille was borne out of the need to enclose balconies and windows for the sake of the homeowners’ safety. Compared to the traditional grilles that appear to be bulky and overbearing, invisible grilles are hardly discernible from afar, blends seamlessly into any background and does not interfere with your interior design. Invisible grilles also don’t block wind or the view, thus it’s really worth the investment.

2 Main Types of Invisible Grilles

Open-able Invisible Grille

There are three types of open-able invisible grilles: bifold, casement, and sliding. Open-able grilles are convenient in the sense that they can be unlocked for easy access should you need cleaning or servicing the aircon compressor.

Fixed Invisible Grille

Fixed invisible grilles are made up of several stainless steel cables that cannot be moved nor opened. You need a solid concrete wall to install fixed grilles.

Invisible grilles provide safety and security to your home

Invisible grilles provide an assurance that your balcony or window is protected from intruders. It safeguards children, the elderly and pets from accidents. The length of the gaps between the grilles can be customised, and they can be affixed vertically or horizontally too. With that safety feature in place, you still get to relish the full panoramic scenery outside your home, without impediments.

Invisible grilles can be customised to fit different specifications

HDBs, condos, landed property and commercial spaces have varying specifications. Our invisible grilles can be tailored to fit various window sizes, given that there is sufficient space allowance and frames for mounting cable tracks and wall plugs. Invisible grilles are also used as staircase railings, swimming pool railing, fences and even as a statement piece such as a feature wall.

Invisible grilles are safe and easy to clean

Our invisible grilles are coated to withstand harsh weather and other external elements without rusting. It is made out of premium quality to ensure it’s safe for home use and won’t cut.

Invisible grilles are made of the highest quality stainless steel for extra durability

Our invisible grilles are engineered using only 316 stainless steel, known for its superior strength and ability to withstand a pressure of up to 90kg. Only 316 stainless steel do not rust after being exposed to harsh elements.

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