Here's What You Can Expect from World's First Toso Gallery in mc.2 - Indoor Curtains and Blinds Curtains and Blinds Singapore
Toso Gallery by mc.2

Here’s What You Can Expect from World’s First Toso Gallery in mc.2

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After 72 years, Japan’s number one curtains and blinds specialist, TOSO, set up its first-ever TOSO Gallery in Singapore on 7 October 2021. This new gallery spans 2,000 square feet with over a thousand selections of blinds and curtain tracks in live sizes for demonstration.

So, who is Toso?

TOSO is a traditional Japanese company with over 70 years of history in the traditional trade of blinds and curtains. It is so popular and so durable that almost all Japanese houses use them. Many five-star hotels such as The Ritz Carlton, Park Hyatt, and more have also switched to TOSO.

1. It's the One-Stop Place for the Largest TOSO Range

Housing the largest range of TOSO products in one place, The TOSO Gallery will incorporate these items into various Japanese home settings for easy visualisation. Right beside TOSO Solutions, you can find Top Designer Curtain Series and Wallpaper Series by Japanese brand, Sangetsu. 

Toso Gallery at mc2

2. Exclusive Product Displays Made Possible

When visiting the TOSO Gallery, you can look forward to an immersive Japanese home lifestyle experience, bundled with products exclusively launched and sold here.

The key highlight here is Wood Blinds, made from all-natural sustainable wood, and comes in Vintage, Water-Resistant and Motorised ranges. They’re at their best when tailored to homeowners’ specifications.

Exclusive to TOSO Gallery are the Ciero Ceiling Rails and Supertrac Skylight motorised blinds. The former replaces traditional walls with seamless curtains to create a sense of openness for more space and movement. The latter is designed especially for skylight windows and displayed for the first time in Singapore.

The TOSO Roman Shades are sure to impress with their flexible double fabric set up. They can also be installed for a maximum width of 4m, which is one of the widest lengths to ever be achieved for indoor blinds. 

Japan curtain design

3. Strict Quality Assurance on all Blinds and Curtains

TOSO has been a leader in the industry by offering excellent quality products that stay ahead of the competition through constant innovation. Local hotels such as the Fullerton Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel and more have had TOSO curtains installed since the start of their operations, and are still enjoying the benefits of its lasting quality today.


The TOSO Gallery is the brand’s latest personification of all its values. Every single product that has been produced and sent to customers has been strictly checked manually by a team of trained specialists in Japan.


Visiting TOSO Gallery?

If you are up for an experience like never before, and you love Japanese-inspired design for blinds and curtains, contact TOSO Gallery today!

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