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SQUID Singapore

Squid is the result of a collaboration between Philippe and his son, Thibaut. In 2014, Thibaut asked his father if he could develop curtains that didn't damage the wall. He wasn't allowed to attach anything to the walls in the school. The solution had to offer him the required privacy, but without fully blocking the view during the day like window-covering film. Philippe took on the challenge and the product came a few months later. The product was finally ready and patented after over two years of development and testing. Now the product is known as ‘SQUID’ in Europe and is 100% Belgian developed and woven by Lampe Textiles. It is the only window covering that can be used with any type and shape of window.

The fabric is both moisture and heat resistant with heat reflection up to 36%, reducing room temperature down to 3~4 degrees.

This modern, stylish, practical and minimalist style product will match any décor and interior design.

Experience this totally new and easy way to dress up your window today at mc2.

SQUID was launched in Asia at mc2 Showroom Singapore on Nov 2018 and mc2 is proud to be the exclusive distributor of this product in the region. For more details, visit the showroom today to learn more about this revolutionary product that was only available in Europe previously


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